Your Treatment Options for Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunctions are anything but rare, and their causes are diverse. In America, about 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men report some level of sexual dysfunction. Despite numbers this high, sexual dysfunction feels like a taboo subject, even at the doctor's office. We want to change that and help you live your best life, which includes sex.

A healthy sex life is an important component of your health. Sex reduces stress, creates an overall sense of well-being, and can even prevent you from developing chronic conditions like heart disease. There’s no need to be embarrassed about sexual dysfunction. It’s a serious problem, and board-certified OB/GYN Aleksander Bodnar, MD, at Viva Health Group in Linden and Clifton, New Jersey, can help.

What causes sexual dysfunction in women?

Causes for sexual dysfunction in women are incredibly varied, ranging from physical to mental and emotional hurdles. You may feel a lack of desire, lack of sexual arousal, difficulty having an orgasm, painful intercourse, vaginal tightness, and possible effects of other underlying conditions. Symptoms of sexual dysfunction include:

You may be experiencing one of these symptoms or many at the same time.

What causes sexual dysfunction in men?

Normal sexual function in men is a complex interplay of physiological and psychological factors. The nervous, circulatory, and endocrine systems work together with the psyche to trigger a sexual response. A man's sexual response is controlled by a sensitive and finely balanced interplay of these systems. Symptoms of sexual dysfunction include:

At Viva Health, we treat both men and women experiencing the frustration of stunted sex life. 

Other causes of sexual dysfunction in both men and women include:

Sexual desire (sex drive or libido) is the desire for sexual activity. It’s triggered by thoughts, words, visual stimuli, smells, and touch and leads to the first stage of the sexual response cycle,

causing sexual arousal. Depending on the underlying cause of sexual dysfunction, you may have no sexual desire at all, or you may run into problems at the sexual arousal stage. 

No matter what’s causing your sexual dysfunction, Dr. Bodnar has treatment options.

Treatment options for sexual dysfunction

While many clinics focus solely on only men or only women, Dr. Bodnar is an expert in sexual dysfunction for both. 

For women, he offers many non-surgical options to boost vaginal health and function as well as stimulate libido. Customized treatment plans may include hormone replacement therapy, G-spot augmentation, IV therapy, and more.

Dr. Bodnar offers men a variety of options as well. These include bioidentical hormone therapy, acoustic wave therapy, and several other options to correct sexual dysfunction.

Get your sex life back on track now

Dr. Bodnar and the compassionate experts at Viva Health are happy to help you revive your sex life. We understand the need for discretion, and you’ll always feel comfortable in our relaxed, shame-free practice. Good health includes a robust sex life, and nothing is embarrassing about that. Call us today or schedule an appointment online. 

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