Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

If you have trouble getting and maintaining an erection, you’re not alone. Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects as many as 76.5% of men worldwide. Unfortunately, many sufferers can’t separate ED fact from fiction. That’s where we can help.

Aleksander J. Bodnar, MD, at Viva Health Group wants you to live a long, healthy, and sexually satisfying life. To that end, we put together this information to help you understand ED and what we can do to help.

Myth: ED is solely a physical problem

The definition of ED is simple: It’s the inability to achieve and sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. But the causes of ED can be complicated.

The process of achieving an erection involves:

A problem in any of these areas can affect your sexual health and lead to ED.

A common cause of ED involves problems with blood circulation to and within your penis. Sluggish blood flow, the result of clogged blood vessels, prevents your penis from receiving enough blood to achieve an erection.

Mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances, and nerve injury can prevent an erection.

Since so many problems can cause ED, it’s important to seek professional help so we can figure out the underlying cause, or causes, of your sexual health problems. Once we determine the problem, we can design a custom treatment plan to cure your ED.

Myth: ED is an old guy’s problem

Sure, ED is often tied to aging. But men of any age after puberty can experience ED once or more frequently. The prevalence of ED is 22% at age 40, and it rises to 49% at age 70.

But don’t think that younger men are immune. About 5%-10% of men under age 40 experience erectile dysfunction.

Myth: Lifestyle changes won’t cure your ED

Lifestyle choices can play a significant role in your ED. If you’re overweight, your chance of ED increases because extra pounds put stress on your circulatory system. 

Similarly, smoking can increase ED risks because smoking negatively affects your vascular health. Also, excessive alcohol use can kill your ability to get and sustain an erection.

We know that many men find it difficult to talk about ED. But Dr. Bodnar has heard it all and is eager to discuss your ED concerns and work with you to form a treatment plan. 

To schedule an appointment, call us or use our online booking tool. We have two locations, in Clifton and Linden, New Jersey.

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