Here's How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Can Reboot Your Sex Drive

If you’re a man struggling with low testosterone levels, you’re not alone. Low testosterone affects about 2 in 100 American men, who suffer the loss of muscle mass, energy, sleep, and sex drive. 

We don’t have to tell you that your testosterone levels and libido are highest when you’re in your late teens. But you might not know that testosterone levels slowly go downhill from there. 

If you’re want to revive your sex drive, Aleksander Bodnar, MD, of Viva Health Group can help. One of the top treatments he offers is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Yes, hormone replacement isn’t just for women.

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormones are man-made (not laboratory-made) hormones that chemically mimic your natural hormones. Bioidenticals are plant- and animal-based and tailored to the unique makeup of your body. 

Many traditional hormone therapy products, in fact, contain bioidentical hormones.

When you visit us at the Viva Health Group, we explain the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy including:

During your consultation, we explain how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works and answer all your questions confidentially. Then we examine you, evaluate your hormone levels, and determine if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the best treatment for you. 

If it is, we give you a prescribed dosage to meet your needs and lessen or eliminate your symptoms.

When you’re taking hormone treatments, we closely monitor your hormone levels through blood, urine, and saliva checks.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatment options

Candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy have several delivery methods available.

You’re not limited to trying just one method. If you try one and decide you’d like to experience another, we can change methods until you find one you like.

More benefits

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy revives your sex drive and offers these additional benefits.

Enjoying a rich and satisfying sex life is one of the great things about living. Dr. Bodnar and his team of professionals are dedicated to boosting your sex drive and helping you reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms you might experience from low testosterone. 

To schedule a consultation at Viva Health Group to discuss bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, call us or request an appointment using our online tool. We have offices in Linden and Clifton, New Jersey.

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